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We all desire to stand out in the crowd. And to do so, we need to be extra different from others. Similarly, if we particularly talk about the current scenario of the nation, top ground survey companies in Bihar are aggressively indulged in the preparation for the upcoming elections.
So, if you are looking for unique ideas to boost your election campaign, or even if you are a candidate that seeks a perfect strategy, go through this article. We are going to share Promotion Ideas from the Best Election Marketing Agency in Bihar.

Most of the people have opinions that first-timer candidate and a former one, makes a difference. But this is not true.
In other words, no matter whether you are new or old in this field, your campaign must come up with trendy marketing strategies. Interestingly, your marketing plan is the thing that will benefit you with more leads.
So, let’s get started with the wonderful ideas:

Brand your candidate

To make a perfect first impression, the candidate’s graphical branding is the front line factor. Therefore, your branding should be sensible and must attract the eyes. The ideal logo must be the one that defines your candidate.
Your candidate’s effective logo should depict three things:

  • The logo’s form and style should hold the essence of the candidate with an emotional touch
  • It should be memorable where you might use your campaign’s slogan related design in it
  • The logo appearance must be attractive enough to perform well in various media

Branding supports you catch the attention of those busy voters who only stop for a minute to peep at the campaign message. Therefore, the election marketing rules suggest that your logo should convey a clear message to hit right after someone sees it.

Promotion Ideas from the Best Election Marketing Agency in Bihar

Set up a website

In today’s world, where people are trusting online presence and giving more importance to it, the candidate must have a website that represents everything about him/her. In addition, the website should be well-designed and user-friendly.
More precisely, the website works as a digital brochure that supports the candidate’s promotion. Not only this, but the website also helps you find the volunteers and raise funds.
Election Marketing Agencies use the website to dignify their candidate’s online presence. Their strategy includes the optimization of a website based on the interest of all types of voters.
After the campaign website is all set to thrive online, you will have to keep in mind some factors. These factors will affect the results:


  • On the homepage of the website, you should add the relevant and informational photos, videos, sign-up forms, donation forms, social media links, etc
  • The updates should be on time about the latest announcements
  • The website should cover the current issues
  • Upcoming events, response to opponents attacks, press releases, etc should be highlighted regularly
  • Keep the color and tone positive

Usage of Social Media Platforms

When we see the list of political marketing agencies, they all focus on social media platforms to boost up the marketing, rapidly. Well, it is because Social Media Marketing is the easiest way to formulate cordial ties with voters and supporters. However, the content you post should be powerful enough to attract the voter’s attention or else it will be just a waste.


Send out newsletters

Need to easily connect with your supporters?
Well then, adopt this simplest way.
By sending out newsletters you can convert leads into supporters. Therefore, use this cost-effective way and get your supporters right behind you.


Why do you need to develop material that tells a story?

Certainly, it would not make any sense to toss your candidate without material. This material, somehow, will build a bridge between you and your audience. Below are some examples of it:-

  • brochures, 
  • flyers,
  • car stickers, 
  • yard signs, 
  • Hoardings,
  • campaign t-shirts, 
  • or push cards.


Whatever your strategy is, always remember to accommodate three things:-

  • The components should match with your candidate’s brand
  • Telling your campaign story visually will appeal more
  • Should respond to the 5 Ws: who, what, where, when, and why?


As mentioned above, to maintain the importance of political marketing you will require so many visuals. For example:- logos, brochures, creatives, videos, emailers, leaflets, etc along with Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Website services, and other election marketing services. Therefore, to fulfill all your digital requirements under one roof for the elections in Bihar, explore Chunav Parchar.
It is a prominent and trustworthy company that believes in getting higher results with unique strategies. In other words, when you search for the best political e-campaigning company in Bihar, consider contacting Chunav Parchar.

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Promotion Ideas from the Best Election Marketing Agency in Bihar
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