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Election Campaign Management

Chunav Parchar is the best Political Campaign Management Firm in India. It provides Political Campaign Management, Political Survey, Opinion Poll, Exit Poll, Constituency Profiling, Election Campaign Management, Political Consulting, Election Management and Political Campaigning For Assembly Elections and Lok Sabha Elections. We provide Voter Relationship Management (VRM) programming and It contains all moment level points of interest of the examination in one right destination. We have a varied client base in which political meetings are involved and also personal MPs, MLAs, and optimists. We present our customers with assessment and administration to deal with their daily practice and help them in the deep and cautious arrangements of decisions. This approach empowers them to get a completely clearer picture of their own qualities and to increase deficiencies to move forward.

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Political Election Campaign Management Services Offered:

  1. Political Survey: Political Survey Full complete survey of client’s constituency. Essential Research, Data Collection, Analysis, Reports and Mobile App.
  2. Opinion Exit Poll: Opinion exit poll states the current situation of the leader or party in the Constituent Assembly.
  3. Political Election Campaign Management: Political Election Campaign Management thinks of a winning equation for complete campaign management and strategy development and decisions.
  4. Door to Door Survey: Door-to-door is a canvassing technique that is usually used for sale, marketing, advertising, or publicity in which the person or person travels from door to door to another, selling a product or advertising Let’s try. Collecting services or information for the general public.
  5. Door to Door Campaigning: Door to door conditioning is done in whole body electrore. Each family unit is touched and exposed to various types of race material.
  6. Digital Social Media Management: Digital intimacy of the guide in each Online asset, Google, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and so forth.
  7. War Room and Call Center: A war room is conceived with a skilled group. Our highly experienced group frame the correct methodology and it makes it on the ground.

Election Campaign In India

As we all know, the Election campaign is the most critical part of the election process. Election campaign requires coordinated efforts by people or parties to influence voters. The election campaign includes bigwigs of political parties promoting other lesser-known candidates of the party. Famous names in the political field try to impress voters in favor of their party. No political leader or party leaves any problem to ensure the victory of his party in the elections. 

  1. Door to Door Campaign – It involves direct communication with voters. It has been the popular method of election campaign since ages. It includes personally meeting voters, listening to their problems, addressing meetings, giving speeches, promoting clients through campaign materials. The promotional material from election campaign can be from badge to wrist band to T-shirt.
  2. Web Campaign – Web promotion has become the latest fad in the election campaign. This method of election campaign provides broad and quick access to candidates and political parties. Voters also know about their candidates.
  3. Print Campaign – Running a campaign with the help of print media This primarily involves the promotion of the party’s advertisement through newspapers; Magazines etc.

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Election Campaign Company

Chunav Parchar is top leading Election Campaign Company in India. If you also searching Top Leading Election Campaign Company then you have come on the right place. Our company provides the best election campaign services to promote political parties and leaders. If you want a Political Election Campaign Management Company in India? Our firm is the best for you. Please visit our official website which is www.chunavparchar.com. Check the Election Campaign Agency In India complete details from here.

Since a political campaign is largely a communication process, voters should be given an inspirational message. We study our clients, their target audience, find the right message, target that message to the right group of voters. We study all the possible aspects of an election campaign and make an immaculate plan with clear and appropriate steps of execution. Along with this, We offer certified deals for different types of election campaigning. Our solution includes promotional SMS, Transactional SMS, missed call Service with unlimited calls, Group Sms with sender Id, Facebook likes, twitter followers and IVR services.

Political Campaign Management Companies In Jaipur

Pamphlet posters and loudspeakers had special significance in the first election. Through this, the support of the candidate used to spread village-village, city-city, and workers. But this time it is visible only on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Messenger, etc, the propaganda of the candidate and his supporters. Candidates and supporters are actively promoting their own accounts on social media. Which is why this change of time has changed. However, the voice of some loudspeakers is also being heard. But now the method of campaigning has changed all over the country. Therefore, its impact is clearly visible in the Buxar parliamentary constituency. People’s messages are coming on phone calls. Notifications are being sent from WhatsApp.

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The role of social media in the medium of electoral propaganda became prominent. With the introduction of the code of conduct for attracting youth, the promotion of prospective candidates on social media started. There were no other means of conveying their message to more people in the previous elections. The workers had no choice but to contact the public. The public also began to ask the candidate about his problems openly on social media. Those who responded became difficult for many candidates. Whether it is the issue of development or meeting the common people Due to the strictness of code of conduct, the noise of electoral weather has come down.



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