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Bihar Elections Are Now The Next Assembly Constituency Elections In The Country. So Candidates Started Their Planning Of Campaigning. The Preparation Of Filling Applications Is Also A Major Task For Candidates. The Candidate Has To Full-fill The Criteria To Fight The Bihar Assembly Election 2020. If A Candidate Does Not Submit A List Of Documents And Leaves Any Column Blank Then Its Nomination Can Be Rejected.

Eligibility Criteria

The Person Contesting The Assembly Elections Is Not Only Required To Be A Citizen Of India But It Is Also Necessary To Fulfill The Age Of 30 As Per The Age Norms. In Addition, The Person Contesting The Election Should Be Nominated In The Current Electoral Rolls Of Any Constituency Of The Parliamentary Constituencies. If Not, Then He Is Considered Ineligible To Contest The Election.

According To The Given Checklist, The Submission Of All Documents By A Candidate Is Considered Mandatory.

A Candidate Is Required To Submit Form 2b To Contest The Assembly Elections.

Filling All The Columns In The Form 26 Affidavit Is Required To Take Oath In Front Of The Commissioner Or First Class Magistrate Or Notary Public. This Form Includes Details Of Criminal Cases, Movable And Immovable Assets Including Foreign Assets, Liabilities, Sources Of Income, Educational Qualification, Etc.

The Candidate Must Present A Certified Extract Of The Electoral Roll If The Candidate Is An Elector Of Some Different Constituency.

The Candidate Must Fill Form A And Form B If He/she Set Up A Political Party.

The Candidate Must Submit A Copy Of His/her Caste Certificate If The Candidate Claims To Belong To Sc/st.

The Candidate Has To Deposit The Security To Fight The Assembly Election.

The Candidate Has To Submit Oath And Affirmation Letters With The Documents.

The Candidate Must Fill The Nomination Paper Which Asks For General Details Of The Candidate Like Name, Father’s Name, Address, Etc.


Mla Elections In Bihar Vidhan Sabha Election 2020


Affidavit In Form 26

The Candidate Must File The Affidavit In Form 26 Along With The Nomination Papers. The Affidavit In Form 26 Contains :

The Criminal History Of The Candidate, All Pending Cases Of The Candidate.



The Candidate Has To Give Details Of The Pan And Has To Show The Status Of Itr (Income Tax Return) For The Last Five Years. According To A Recent Amendment, The Candidate Has To Disclose The Income Along With The Spouse, Dependents, And Hindu Undivided Family (Huf) Where The Candidate Is A Coparcener.


The Candidate Has To Give Details Of His Movable And Immovable Assets That Are Mandatory According To The Recent Amendment. The Assets Also Include All Deposits Or Investments In Foreign Banks Or In Any Other Institution Abroad. The Candidate Has To Give Details About All Assets & Liabilities In Foreign Countries.

The Candidate Has To Declare All Liabilities And Dues Of His Own, All Spouse And Dependents To The Government And Public Financial Institutions.

The Candidate Must Have To Tell About His And Spouse’s Profession Or Occupation. He Must Tell About His Source Of Income In His Family.

The Candidate Must Give Information About His Highest Educational Qualification.

In General Details, The Candidate Must Fill His Contact Details Including Telephone, E-mail, Social Media Accounts, Etc.

All Columns In The Affidavit In Form 26 Must Have To Be Filled By The Candidate, The Blank Column Can Be The Reason For Rejection Of The Form. The Candidate Can Not Fill Any Column With Nil, Not Applicable, Etc, These Can Be Taken As Hiding Information And Can Be The Reason For Rejection. Filling All The Columns In Form 26 Affidavit The Candidate Has To Take Oath In Front Of The Commissioner Or First Class Magistrate Or Notary Public.

The Candidate Must Know The Above Information About Filing The Nomination. The Norms Are Must Known To The Candidate If He Is Preparing For Upcoming Elections In Bihar. The Elections Must Happen From October To November Month According To The Various News Sources. Chunavparchar.com Is Ready To Take Responsibility For Your Campaigning With New Positive Energy. We Are One Of The Best Political Campaigning Companies In North India Which Have A List Of Successful And Satisfied Clients (Politicians).

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