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Just like the products and services advertising, Political and election advertising is also becoming vital to keep up in the market. Today, let’s see what exactly Political Advertising is & why you require Top Election advertising agency in Bihar.


What is Political advertising?


It is a kind of advertising that attempts to influence or comment upon a matter that is the point of extensive political debate at present.

More precisely, political advertising comprises advertising or marketing information about a political party, representative or candidate, political issues or issues of public interest, along with advertising concerning government policies.

Similarly, Government, political parties, lobby groups, and other interest groups may fall into the political advertisement category. Online advertisements use political Social media Marketing to spread the desired content.

However, it is not necessary that Political advertising will include all advertising by governments or organizations that previously included in the political process, such as lobby groups or interest groups. Therefore, this type of advertising considered informational or educational rather than political. If you are talking about Political advertising it is not limited to election advertising. The number of complaints collected about political advertising often increases during election periods.


What is election advertising?

Mostly, Advertising or marketing messages are commonly regarded as “election advertising”. It is where they carry material intended or likely to affect voting in an upcoming election. Furthermore, Election advertising is not limited to an advertisement by parties or candidates contesting an election and may include advertising outside of an election period where there is a relevant connection to an election. Generally, it will not involve government information or education campaigns outside of an election period. Political digital marketing agency does it by following the acts of authorizations.

Top Election advertising agency in Bihar Political Advertisement

Besides these, there are 6 Kinds of Effective Advertising Campaigns That Can Produce Hype, these are:


  • Using Print Media to convey your message to the people:Print media are all about two mediums of communication, these are newspapers and magazines.


  • Using billboards and hoardings to grab the attention of people: Hoardingis a very standard advertisement medium to use. All single companies, whether it is small, large, local, or a multi-nation entity, uses the platform to promote their brand, service, or product.


  • Doing campaign events: If you want to drive sales numbers and create a fantastic uproar for your brand, then organizing multiple events all throughout an area should be on your cards.


  • Radio campaigns for intimacy: Radio is one of the most strong channels to promote anything. The airwaves can be advantageous for your enterprise, as it will tap hundreds of people promptly.


  • Taking advantage of pole kiosks like electric and traffic signal poles: Itis a unique way to promote your election. By placing over electric and traffic signal poles you will unquestionably send a valid message across.


  • College advertisement plan: Setting an advert for your campaign around the college can be a marketing masterstroke for promoting your election campaign among youth.


Top political consulting agency in Bihar

As of now, our country has numerous political digital marketing agencies to handle the coming elections. However, they will tell you the plan but might not able to implement exactly the same. Therefore, you should be very careful to pick a reliable digital marketing company. The company must follow all the official rules as they will be dealing with the election and political campaigns. A trustworthy and responsible company like Chunav Parchar will handle all your requirements very smoothly. In the country, the upcoming elections of Bihar will take place at the end of this year, 2020. So, hurry up, contact Chunav Parchar for political Social media Marketing and enjoy the best services.

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