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What is election e-campaigning?

The description of e-campaigning might get very long but here we are going to focus on simple and straight definitions. Top political e-campaigning company in Bihar defines election e-campaigning as the ‘new’ communication technology that involves the use of the internet and mobile telephones in campaigning.


When we look at the current scenario, the methods of E-Campaigning have drastically gained momentum in the world. Democratic campaigns have become the necessity of successful elections. And especially, when the political e-campaigning companies use effective E-Campaigning techniques, it becomes the key to their success.

The tremendous rise in public involvement over the Internet has made it easy for the candidates to gather supporters.


Types of political campaigns

Peculiarly, there are two types of political campaigns that are accepted officially throughout the world.

Informational campaign


When we look at this particular campaign, we will see how smartly this campaign has been invented to boost public awareness and support for the positions of candidates. The informational campaign is more extreme than a paper campaign, which consists of little more than listing the necessary papers to get on the ballot. However, it is less powerful than a competitive campaign that strives to win election to the office.

In addition, this type of campaign concentrates on low-cost outreach such as getting interviewed in the paper, news releases, organizing poll workers, making a brochure for door to door distribution, etc.


Paper campaign

In this type of political campaign, the candidate only files the required paperwork to appear on the ballot. A paper campaign simply aims to develop name awareness of a minor political party or to allow voters of a certain ideology to vote accordingly. Therefore, it can be a cost-effective technique of pulling media coverage.

In contrast, an informational campaign involves news releases, newspaper interviews, door-to-door campaigning, and organizing polls.


Why election campaigns are important?

Some factors clearly show the importance of the election campaign. Below are some points that will make you understand why election campaigns are important.


An election campaign might be valuable for candidates because:

  • During these times, many free and open discussions take place between various political parties.


  • Election campaigns help you reach the audience and influence them to be on your side.


  • The campaigns spread about the various programs and policies of political parties.


  • Eventually, there comes a psychological advantage with campaigning. Your dress code, your party symbol, everything matters to impact the mind of the seekers.


Ideally – and idealistically – Election campaigns support the competing candidates and political parties to publish fresh policies and occupy in a true “contest of ideas” to see who should be elected.

In this era, political e-campaigning has become extremely beneficial to win the elections. For example: campaigning in social media is profitable because youth is present on social media thus, it is quite easy to interact with them by using social media.

Top political E-campaigning company in bihar 2020


Political Campaign Strategies (2020)


To achieve the last goal, it’s vital to make a perfect strategy to reach there. If we particularly see political campaign strategies, we would suggest: the early you start making the campaign strategies the better it would be. Let’s see what points we should consider while making a plan:

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  • Competitor analysis: Understanding your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses can give you a huge advantage.
  • Digital tools: There are many digital tools available that will benefit your campaign. All you have to do is, put together a fairly detailed list of the top tools and start working on them.
  • Voter targeting: To easily target your supporter, check the voter file for any hints of propensity to vote and previous voting history.
  • Capturing voter issues: You can capture voter issues with online surveys, face-to-face canvassing, market research, and social media interaction.
  • Online Properties: Your website and social media pages will necessitate working hard for you to maximize your campaign.
  • Voter outreach: Compose a voter outreach strategy to balance the amount of outreach you can do with the available resources.
  • Public appearances: Get media training at the beginning of your campaign to deal with media interviews, political debates, or community meetings.
  • Campaign team on boarding: The campaign team size will have a vital influence on your capacity to campaign victoriously.
  • Combating fake news: Fake news, misinformation, lies, whatever you want to call it, has been around forever in political campaigns, only you have to deal with it, correctly.
  • Campaign messaging: It requires to be developed on each issue area with background information.


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