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1. Know your and other candidates’ abilities in the constituency.

In the elections, it is important to recognize the potential of yourself and other candidates. The ability of the other candidate is shown by the positive response towards him in the constituency. Challenging the ability of an experienced candidate is the most difficult task. And this becomes more difficult when a candidate is a favorite person of the public. In such a situation, knowing his ability, the Candidate has to increase his dominance among the masses. To do this, other measures will have to be adopted.

2. Openly discuss the main issues of the constituency.

In the constituency, it is important to know the issues which are most discussed in public. Go and talk to the public about the same issues in the constituency. If there are issues that are related to the public interest, then take them on priority. If there are issues related to the development of the constituency, then take them seriously. List those issues and include them in your manifesto.

3. Adopt warmth and prepare a strong speech.

A leading leader needs to be a good speaker. Make maximum public contact to reach out to the public for your speech and your plans. Create a powerful speech to create a strong and positive image in public. A powerful speech that inspires the public and instills confidence in them to have a good time.

4. Campaign for public participation.

The campaign about the main issues of the constituency. Name these campaigns. Name each campaign that must be related to the feelings of the people and they feel connected. There should be a positive feeling of philanthropy in the public and towards the candidate. Inspire the public to join those campaigns. Make them social workers.

5. Do your interview on the local news channel.

Invite a spokesperson for a local news channel to do your interview. Answer his questions candidly, openly discuss the main issues of the constituency. Highlight your plans to live up to the expectations of the public. Present your claim firmly. Treat your image with cleanliness. Express your allegiance to your party high command. Try to convince the public on your leadership.

6. Build up your profile on social media.

Buildup your profile on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, My Neta App, etc. Delegate this task to a good social media campaigning company. Let there be posts with regularity on it. Publish your strong image on social media. Broadcast good design on social media with great engaging content. Spread your social media profile to more people by using paid promotions.

7. Attack your opposition candidate openly.

Let your opposition candidate openly fight. Try to surround him on the issues of the constituency. Make every effort to prove him a weak leader. Discover his weaknesses and redeem them among the masses. Go among the public and try to raise questions about his leadership in the public’s mind. Try to prove yourself better than him.

8. Strengthen the internal contacts of the party and confirm the ticket claim.

It is necessary to get a ticket from the party to contest the election. If the party does not allow the candidate to contest from the constituency, then obviously all efforts will be in vain. Therefore, present your claim among the remaining candidates firmly and convince the party high command. Present your profile in the best way to the party high command and prepare an application to give the ticket.

9. Assure to remove the main problems of the constituency.

List the major problems of the constituency. Examine those problems with the help of an analyst. Mention those problems in public relations programs and put measures to deal with them in public. Prepare future plans for the constituency and share them with the public on social media. Serve the dream of a better future of the constituency in front of the public, this will awaken confidence in the public.

10. Assure the youth to meet the demands.

The continuation of demands in the public continues, some of those demands are those which are rejected by the previous government. Meet those individuals who put such demands before the government. Realizing their need, establish an emotional connection with them. Assure to meet their demands and increase your vote bank. Meet the youth, accept their education, sports, and employment-related problems. Assure them to solve their problems and invite and motivate them to join their campaigns.



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