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Chunav Parchar, the new star of the digital world, has the solution for all your political elections and campaigns. We Provide digital marketing services for political campaigns consists of campaign drivers, campaign consultants, digital media experts and even the best to read voter temperament that can lead to victory for any political campaign, small or big. So if you are a politician We have a complete digital marketing solution for you. 

Popular services from Chunav Parchar for a successful political campaign

Social Media Marketing

Team up with the social media experts at Chunav Parchar to make your political campaign a success across platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and watch your voter turnout grow.

Bulk Messaging

To win a political election it is essential that your message reaches all your voters in the right way and at the right time and this is possible only if you use the bulk messaging service of Chunav Parchar, which will give your voter chances to win your party. Will increase too.

Audio Blast Services

You might think that voice messaging is a very expensive service but Chunav Parchar has brought audio blast services within your budget so that you can ensure your victory by reaching your voice to your voter.

Missed Call Services

No political party ever forgets to take missed call services as it is the only effective way to collect your voter data.

Audio Conferencing Services

To win political elections, it is also necessary to always be connected with your voters as well as your supporters and workers so that you can reach your important things to all your workers at the right time.

Cloud Call Center Services

There are many important reasons behind every successful political campaign, such as taking ideas about your party from your supporters and your future voters and implementing those ideas, but to do all this you have to invest money in the call center. You can do all this work from your office through Chunav Parchar’s cloud call center service.

What Makes Chunav Parchar Different – ​​Our World Renowned Services

Know Your Voter

Are you familiar with the nature of your potential voters and do you know how to make your potential voter a strong voter for you? and tell you how you can strengthen your potential voter.

Election Specialist

Our experienced experts will create an invaluable strategy for your political campaign on the basis of their knowledge and data, which will increase your chances of success.

Social Diagram Description

The experienced experts of Chunav Parchar will describe your social profile in such a way that your victory is ensured. Our company will fully assist you in making your social sketch so that you will be able to reach as many potential voters as possible and reach as many potential voters as possible for your party’s victory.

Voter’s Feedback

Experienced team of Chunav Parchar will give you complete information about your voters like which category of voters have complaints or like which class of voters are happy with your work and this information will help you to make your potential voters your sure voter

Wide Range of Services

Chunav Parchar has a range of services to help your political campaign reach the pinnacle of success, thereby increasing your chances of winning.

More Profit For Less Cost

Our company can provide you countless services and that too without spending much, so that you can spend less, reach your words to your potential voters and increase your chances of winning Some of our services are as follows, WhatsApp Marketing, Bulk Message Service, Audio Blast Service and much more.

Features of the Chunav Parchar Digital Media Campaign

Promotion By Bulk Message

Campaigning through bulk messaging is the most useful and successful way to reach your voters. But this is also useful only if you know how to use it properly but Chunav Parchar has experienced personalities who have spent more than half their life in running bulk message campaigns who are complete experts in their work.

Promotion By Voice Call

Your election and political campaign remains incomplete until your real voice reaches your voter’s ears, for this also Chunav Parchar has a team of experienced people who can take full advantage of these services and how to reach the right thing to your voter like things and at the same time Chunav Parchar promises you complete 100% voice call delivery.

Promotion by Whatsapp Message

In today’s fast-paced life, everyone has 2 minutes to see their WhatsApp app, that’s why through WhatsApp is the most effective way to get your point across to your voters, in which you will also get the support of the entire team of Chunav Parchar. get full cooperation.

Economical and Profitable

There is no one more affordable than us in the world of digital media. Our digital marketing services are economical and effective as compared to other companies.

Feedback Management System

Many services are used to make any political and election campaign successful, but all those services are in vain if you do not know the thinking and thoughts of your voters, so the experienced team of election campaign collects the feedback from your voters for you. And according to their thoughts towards you, plans are made for you.

To deliver all types of news to the voter on time

Without transparency, it is not possible to win the trust of anyone, so in our online campaigns of all our digital media, to build a good relationship with your voter, every type of news will reach your voter so that he will know more about your political campaign And his trust in your party will be more and more and in the end we will get success as a result of victory.

FAQ – Digital marketing Services for Political Campaigns in India

What is a Political Consultant?

Election campaign consultant is also same as ordinary consultant but it only helps you in politics and election related activities, it tells what is good and what is bad, a good political consultant can make you win.

What kind of expertise does a political election advisor get?

Political election advisor is a person who knows everything from how to run an election campaign and what to do and what not to do.

While the Political Electoral Advisor does not get much work throughout the year, but when the elections come, everyone comes first because they have expertise in all the tasks like digital media, press, voter awareness campaign, voter list collection. Digital marketing for politicians is a must and most value driven campaign in 2022.



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