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All About Member Of Parliament Election

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 Member Of Parliament

Member Of Parliament Election 2019: As we all know, the General Election of 17th Lok Sabha are going to be held in the month of April/May 2019. The campaign for Lok Sabha elections is going to start soon. Nowadays, for the campaigning, all the social media support, so that the election campaign is easily completed. If you have not started campaigning for Lok Sabha elections, we can help you in your election campaign. Our website helps in the promotion of elections, you can start campaigning for Lok Sabha elections without wasting your time. 

How Many Members Are In The Parliament of India?

Parliament of India include of three parts

  • President
  • Lok Sabha
  • Rajya Sabha

No of seats in Lok Sabha are 552 election held on 545, 2 are for nominations from Anglo-Indian community, and 5 seats are reserved.

16th Lok Sabha Election – MOP Election Campaign

MOP Election Campaign: General election for 16th Lok Sabha in India took place in 9 phases from 7th April to 12th May 2014. Counting took place on 16th May. For this, votes were cast in all parliamentary constituencies of India. The term of the 15th Lok Sabha is currently ending on 31 May 2014. This election was the longest program in history so far. This will happen for the first time when there are 9 phases in Lok Sabha elections in the country. According to the Election Commission, 81.45 million voters will use their franchise. 

The average voting in all nine phases remained around 66.38%, which is the highest in the history of Indian general elections. Election results were announced on 16th May. With 336 seats, the National Democratic Alliance with the largest party and 282 seats, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) emerged as the largest party. The United Progressive Alliance won 59 seats and the Congress won 44 seats. 

BJP won only 31.0% of votes, the lowest part of the party to form a majority government in India since independence, while the combined vote share of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) was 38.5%. After the general election of 1984, BJP and its allies won the right to form the largest majority government, and this election was for the first time when the party won enough seats to govern without the support of the other parties. The Congress party’s worst defeat was the general election. In order to become the official opposition party in India, one party will have to get 10% seats (54 seats) in the Lok Sabha; However, the Indian National Congress was unable to get this number. Due to this fact, India has remained without an official opposition party. 

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M & P Election Campaign Management Company In India

Member Of Parliament Election 2019: The Parliament of India has two houses. There are 545 members in the Lok Sabha. All voters must check the  Member Of Parliament Lok Sabha here and get complete details from here. Our website provide the complete details about Member Of Parliament list. So, read the full section to get the Member Of Parliament India and Lok Sabha Election 2019 Schedule. All information about MP Election Campaign can be obtained from here. According to the latest updates, Election Promotion For MOP 2019 will start soon and MOP Election 2019 Online Promotion start in many social media platforms. If you want to start the Election Promotion for MOP 2019 then must visit the Chunav Parchar website.



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