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Rajasthan election 2023 is around the corner and political campaign increase the winning probability and also helps to influence the voters in election for particular candidate and the party associated with. Online political campaign survey plays a most important role among the all types of political election campaigns.

Political campaign is always based on the data from the election survey tools like question and other events that is engaging for the voters, as there is a saying “data is the new oil” and to conducted election campaign data is must.

Data provides the various information like age, gender, cast, education of the public, voter’s perception and expectation etc. and based upon this information, campaign is planned according to that. In short, we can say that election need election campaign and election campaign need election survey first.

There are online political campaign company available to manage this all kind of election campaign related survey and experienced enough get data from the various surveys regarding the election and have an analytical ability to analyse the data and to make an action plan related to political campaign that’s why you can hire election campaign management company in Jaipur to manage political campaign in upcoming election of Rajasthan.

This article will help you to know everything about online election campaign survey and need of election campaign survey and different ways for online election campaign survey for Rajasthan.

What is Political Campaign?

It is an political event during the legal period of time through which candidate contact the voters and conduct the various meetings and different kind of a social activities to seek the attention of the public to get maximum votes in upcoming election.

There are different kind of political campaign like indoor election campaign where social media campaigns, display ads, video campaigns, interviews on media channels are included while outdoor election campaigns included nukkar natak, chunav rath yatra, karykarta rallies, large public meetings are included. Outdoor political campaign is more expensive, time consuming in compare to indoor political campaign.

Now the question is, what kind of election campaign will be more suitable for particular area and voters?

Answer is “election campaign survey” that gives the idea about suitable election campaign for election.

What is Political Campaign Survey?

Political campaign survey collects the data related to the voter’s perception, opinion, gender, literacy rate of particular area and personal information to set better election campaign.

Candidates have to hire online political campaign company for better political campaign survey because data plays an important and one small mistake can create a large winning difference.

There Are Generally Two Types of Political Campaign Survey-

  • Online Political Campaign Survey

It is the most effective and new method to conduct the election campaign survey and also it is more efficient than face to face method. Different types of social media survey and questions and other online events are included in online political campaign survey and through the online survey wide range of public can be targeted with less amount and less time compare to other campaign survey.

  • Offline Political Campaign Survey

Trainer meets with the voter and ask question and know more about their opinion and other information and it is more time consuming and much expensive compare to online election campaign survey.

What are the Strategies for Online Political Campaign Survey?

Strategies for Online Political Campaign Survey

Strategy planning should be in well and organised manner, there are important steps are given to make a good strategy for online election campaign survey-

  • Pre- Survey Planning

Survey is all about to collecting the data that’s why in survey planning you have to select the question based on the need and make the google form according to that and try to keep it simple otherwise public will not take interest to fill the details.

  • Pre-Test of Survey Planning

After selecting the question, try to pilot run of that questions and measure the effectiveness of the questions.

  • Final Survey Planning

If you find any mistake or there is any need of improvement then correct them and try to make it simpler and more effective. 

This step needs more awareness because one wrong question can change the game completely.

  • Collection of Data

This is the step where you finally take the data from the public for analyse to find better and suitable election campaign.

  • Analyse the Final Data

In this step, you have to adjust the data in structured format to read and understand easily and analyse them.

To complete these all steps, there is a need of expertise and skills to get the data and manage those data and analysis to identify the suitable campaign. If you find yourself a perfect fit for upcoming Rajasthan election 2023 then I will suggest you that appoint Online Social Media Optimization Company to manage your online political campaign survey in Rajasthan.

Most Effective Question for Online Political Campaign Survey

Question is the key component of online Political Campaign Survey that’s why it should be effective and clear to answer, otherwise no one is going to reply on those questions and your all efforts may get wasted.

There Are Some Samples of Effective and Well Clear Questions Are Given Below-

  • Questions related to the voter participation

In this type of segment voter participation related questions are included.

Some of the examples are given below-

  1. Will you go for vote in upcoming election?
  2. When you voted for the last time?
  • Questions Related to the Political Affiliations

In this type of segment political affiliations related questions are included.

Some of the Examples Are Given Below-

  1. Which political party you support?
  2. What did you like the most in your favourite party?
  3. Do you have any doubt related to the party you support?
  4. How much you are satisfied with the party you support?
  5. How much do you trust in the current government?
  6. Are you thinking about switching the party you support?
  7. What are the expectations from the candidate?
  • Questions Related to the Political Awareness

In this type of segment political awareness related questions are included.

Some of the examples are given below-

  1. Are you eligible for voting?
  2. From which area you are registered for voting?
  3. Are you comfortable in discussion on politics with other people?
  4. How many times have you voted in election?
  5. Are you well aware with upcoming elections?
  1. Question Related to Personal Information

In this type of segment personal information related questions are included and always keep in mind that question should not be more personal otherwise one can feel the privacy issue.

Some of the examples are given below-

  1. what is education qualification?
  2. what is your profession?
  3. what are the critical issues in society according to you?
  4. What are the possible solutions of that problem according to you?

You can appoint the Election Campaign Management Company in Jaipur because they are expert in select the best question to identify the suitable election campaign and also, they are experienced in what kind of questions and how much data are needed to make a successful election campaign.

What is the Need of Online Political Campaign Survey?

Online political campaign survey has a lot of benefits and some of them are mentioned below-

  • Helps to Identify the Supportive Voters

form the different questions, you can find that how many voters are in your support and why they are supporting you and based on that information you can prepare your election campaign accordingly, that’s why online political campaign survey helps you to identify the supportive voters.

  • Helps to Identify the Voters Perception

From the online campaign survey, you can get to know about voter’s perception and expectations and by the help of them you can customize the election campaign according to that.

  • Helps to Know More about Voters

Form the personal information related question, you can get more information about voters age, demographics, caste and other relevant data.

It will be more helpful to run a successful election campaign.

  • Helps in Election Campaign Related Activities

Online campaign helps to plan different social activities to influence the more voters of the particular area that’s why online campaign survey plays an important role in election campaign.


You can not think about winning in election without well planned and organised election campaign and to run suitable election campaign, online election campaign survey is mandatory and election campaign survey are always necessary to find possibilities to influence the voters and to aware the public about elections and to also aware the public about the vision and mission of the candidate and the party associated with. Rajasthan election 2023 is near about and for election campaign survey there are lot of planning and work are needed and it is not possible to handle all that work pressure without election campaign management company because campaign management company have a years of experience, skilled staff and data handling ability, strong analytical skills plays a vital role that’s why you have to appoint Election Campaign Management Company in Jaipur to influence and increase the chances to win in the upcoming elections.



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