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Either you are an individual or a Social Media & Election Campaigning in India, both must have felt the pain of working hard on great ad campaigns. It does not contain a straight strategy, therefore, you will have to be very careful in order to achieve a good result. Moreover, a political campaign agency must remain upgraded on the social media platform’s norms to avoid future devastation and content waste.

Platforms For Election Promotions in India – Social Media & Election Campaigning in India

Mostly, on all platforms, Counterfeit products and services, infringements, illegal goods, and derogatory content are prohibited. In addition, political, adult, and alcohol-related content is simply restricted on a case by case basis. Therefore, you must follow the proficient guidelines to make sure all your ad campaigns are approved and published on each platform that exists in the internet world.
Let’s take a look below:


No doubt, Facebook is a family-friendly social platform. In other words, this platform allows absolutely no dangerous content. In India, almost every age of our family member uses this platform and explorer it daily. Those who have smartphones and uses the internet, are probably use Facebook too. Therefore, it is the best platform to use for the political campaign as well.

The content that is related to illegal products, drugs, tobacco, and weapons is blocked by the social networking site. The terms and conditions mention that all the content that is found to violate any personal or proprietary rights will be removed.

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Speaking of the content, Facebook also restricts spam. Therefore, if your ad links will be founded with a non-functioning page or a series of ads pop-up on the screen, it will be deleted.

For a fact, political campaigns fall under the controversial topics category, so only users who express explicit interest in the subject will be exposed to the ads. Furthermore, the Facebook app prioritizes the safety of its users. Thus, if your advertisements do not comply, neither will Facebook. Professional Political Campaigns company knows every norms and rule related to the social media platforms, so, it would be a better idea to hire them to run the political campaigns.

Social Media & Election Campaigning in India


In the past few years, Google’s tireless work has simplified advertisement policies and practices. It really has become beneficial and simple for the agencies. Not surprisingly, google’s list of prohibited content is very similar to Facebook’s items. However, the list has an added emphasis on legal requirements – strict location-based policies with regards to local laws and regulations.

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As Google is a search engine, its policies differ slightly from other social media platforms. It is not only limited to restricting some content but it also restricts how companies use ad analytics. Google, for sure, never approves abusing the system by misusing data, interfering with security measures, collecting data without permission, or miss representing the official data.


It is absolutely a professional social networking site that permits you to display your talents and skills. LinkedIn regarding the norms has some of the most obscure and interesting lists of prohibited ad content.
Yes, take a look:

– No fortune tellings,
– Dream interpretations,
– Horoscopes (except for amusement purposes),
– And especially no political ads.

It is a complete work-related platform whereas Facebook and other platforms simply restrict political content to some extent. Moreover, LinkedIn prohibits any and all content relating to political candidates, advocates, or voting.

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Its professional nature sets some restrictive boundaries on the buying, selling, and soliciting of goods. Some advertisements that include animal products, dating services, medical devices, and medications are not allowed to post on this professional platform.

Final words

No matter which social platform allows you to promote your political campaign the best company that deals in political projects let you do it very smoothly and easily. Chunav Parchar, in the case of a political management company, helps you display yourself more efficiently on the screens. Contact us or visit us soon!



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